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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Hi Y'All.... :)
Aku balik lunch awal hari nie sebab aku cabut awal. So sementara boss masih belum ada..sempatlah aku laju-laju type hapdate belog ini...hehehe...

I am trying my best to teach my kids how to appreciate people. I know... it takes an anak yang soleh or anak yang solehah to appreciate their parent, and as I am already used to take for granted situation, I don't put much hope that my kids will really appreciate me...hehe..but that's what I feel..and I am trying to givr my best to my kids without hoping that one day mereka akan membalas jasa aku yang x delah seberapa itu... but what I want to talk now is about appreciating their teachers. I remember, when I was a kid... my mom takde plak ajar beria bagai how to appreciate teachers. Tak kuasa kot..since she is a school maybe feeling tu takder and I don't blame her for that. But I am trying to teach Kak Long and Eiman to appreciate their teachers.

So, it's Teacher's Day. I don't expect Eiman to understand what does it means...but I told Kak Long, this celebration as a token of appreciation for teachers who have taught pupils and make them successful. Therefore we must be thankful for that and appreciate what they have done to make you a clever girl :)

She easily understood that. Last year, I didn't prepare any gift for her teachers. But this year I did ask her... do you want me to prepare gifts for your teachers? She nodded. She wanted to give some present to Cikgu Zafrullah, who is her class 2 Arif teacher and her favourite teacher, Miss Zurina who taught her English. I also reminded her to give a present to Cikgu Siti Aishah, her cikgu sekolah agama.

We decided to give the selected teachers, Tupperware. Yes, I am doing Tupperware direct selling and I have a lot of stocks at home. Haha.. I remember one day Kak Long said "Mama tak payah bagi hadiah kat semua cikgu, bagi kat Cikgu Zafrullah, Miss Zurina dengan Cikgu Siti Aishah cukuplah..nanti habis Tupperware mama tak dapat nak jual!"... O M G... she has a business minded way of thinking!

But since now Kak Long sedang bercuti dari sekolah agama (tahap 2 exam), I put aside the present for Cikgu Siti Aishah. I never forget Eiman who is also excited about this giving thingy. So I prepare one for her class teacher, Cikgu Lina. These kids were so excited when I wrapped it up and tighted with ribbons.

This is how the gifts look like...
Sempoi jek... but we give with hati yang ikhlas kan :) I even asked Kak Long to write the cards by herself. I help Eiman since he didn't know how to spell-it-right yet :)

I just hope the teachers will love what my kids gave them. With hope that when I came back home, those gifts already safe on the teachers hand... jangan masih ada dalam beg dengan alasan "Mama, Kak Long malu lah nak kasik cikgu...!!!" ....Aiyyakkk.....!!!!!!!

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