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Friday, May 11, 2012


huhu.. I am freaking tired! That was my tweet after completing my AOI Technology Training this evening. The training was great! I learn a lot from that and Insya Allah will use whatever I learn in my work :) Salute to EC Yap from Innovation Team for the superb training. Although the speed was too fast due to time limitation, but I tried my best to give full concentration. The training began with makan-makan session, that is normal for all training organised by Training Department. The were only 7 attendees (actual number is 10), 6 of them are from Philips-Medical including myself. Followed by classroom training...lunch and then classroom training again with computer aided practical and lastly we went back to our department for hands on session on the production floor.

I noticed during the training, I started to feel uncomfortable on my right knee. I thought i was 'tersalah urat' or something because of memanjat tangga yang tinggi or starting my motorbike. Entahlah kan...I just ignored that little pain until balik rumah, masa solat Maghrib, the pain is now getting worse.. nak rukuk pun payah apatah ;agi sujud, duduk antara dua sujud dan sewaktu dengannya. but what to do right? Bukan ada tukang urut pun dalam rumah ini...the only thing I can do is sapu Losyen Pati Halia Yusmira, berlunjur dan mengupdate belog...

I don't feel relax actually.. with my kids around me now..panjat2 katil..jumping here and there, screaming like nobody business, fighting with each other...leaving me in a very stressful condition ok! Huaaaaa...!!! I better stop now and continue when they all sleep!!!!

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