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Monday, May 21, 2012


.... salam again Y'All....

Since I am not going out for lunch today, I can write more...!!! Now I am going to write my interest in sports. Yup, frankly speaking, aku memang gemar menonton rancangan sukan walaupun aku sangat tak suka ESPNNEWS channel 818 yang selalu Mr. Z tengok itu! That channel is sick, man! Since I was in primary school, I always waiting for Sukan SEA and Olympics Games because I love to watch it in TV. Too bad me myself were not nurtured to be a sportswoman...kalau tak sukan apakah yang aku akan ceburi... obviously bukan Padang dan Balapan!

Di antara sukan yang aku sangat giler adalah - Formula 1, Football (strictly English Football sahajork...) dan for past few years I follow Squash as well... I was so impressed with Nicol David, and start to tune in most of the match she played... such as yesterday, she was playing in British Open where she beats Nour El Sherbini, a youngster from Egypt. Nicol is always a great player, at the age of 28 she had won countless tournaments and games... as a Malaysian, I proud of her :)

To be honest, I don't really understand the rules of Squash. But, since I don't care.. aku tetap suka... :)

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