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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Hmm.. lama dah sepi blog aku nie... so aku just nak add sket je.. my last post of 2008...
aku teruja dgn sepupu aku guna sabun muka Papaya... ala yg made in filipina tu.. and actually ramai gak org pakai... so aku pun try la juga pakai... har har har...

semalam aku beli kat kedai runcit kat rumah aku... so bila pakai je..immediately rasa bersih dan licin kulit...

mmg mengagumkanla... hehehe... takper..aku nak balik nie..nanti after new year break.. aku sambung testimonial lagi...

Monday, December 15, 2008


It was an emotional night... (early morning actually) when i was watching channel 551. It was already halfway through the documentary but what I saw really catched my emotion and made me drowned in tears...
It is a story about Novemthree Siahaan, a 5-year old boy who badly suffered with huge tumours on his face. His courage, braveness and smart attitude captured my heart together with his loving and caring father who always by his side.

Until now, I can't forget his face... and the moment I burst in tears was when I realised that he was actually passed away (from the text just before the end of that ducomentary) while I really thought he is safe and sound...

Rest in peace, dear child...

(his story is in Wikipedia...)
Novemthree Siahaan (November 3, 1998September 15, 2005[1]) was a young Indonesian boy who had the rare condition gigantiform cementoma. The story of his life garnered much media attention when he was taken to Taiwan for treatment. His surgeries were filmed for international broadcast on the Discovery television network.
Born with a normal face in Batam Island, Indonesia, Novemthree was raised in a poor village. His mother sent him to live with his grandparents at a young age, before the cementoma had started to grow. When they returned to Novemthree roughly eight months later, the cementoma had already grown to alarming size; so much that Novemthree's parents questioned if it were actually their son. Extremely concerned, Novemthree's parent's brought him to the local doctor (the only one they could afford) and he informed Novemthree's father that it was most likely black magic that was supposed to affect him, but instead attacked Novemthree. Time passed, and the cementoma had grown to cover nearly his entire face. Novemthree could no longer see out of his right eye, lost his ability to walk, had respiratory problems due to his airway being blocked, and had to lift his head up to drink. Before surgery, the cementoma weighed in approximately at two pounds.
Novemthree needed immediate medical attention. The surgeons at Tz'u Chi Buddhist General Hospital in Hualien, Taiwan placed a tube in Novemthree's trachea to allow him to breathe while removing his tumours. The surgeons would have to cut the tumour in three different surgeries and re-sculpt his face because the tumors had destroyed much of his facial structure. The first surgery was performed on Novemthree's left cheek, giving him sight in his left eye. The second surgery performed was to excise the tumour on his right cheek. In spite of doubts from the surgical team, he regained sight in his right eye as well. The final surgery would remove the remaining tumour from Novemthree's mouth, and reconstruct his face to approximate normality.

Novemthree had to endure physical therapy to regain his ability to walk, and speech therapy to teach him how to speak again. Though it was expected that he would need future surgeries, Novemthree was soon allowed back home. The hope was that the boy would be able to recuperate as well as mature, so that more bone would grow for the doctors to continue to reshape Novemthree's face.
One year later the tumour, which had been shaped to form the lost skull bones, began to grow back. He was taken back to the hospital for further surgery as the tumors had grown faster than the doctors expected and his breathing was becoming restricted. A second procedure was needed. However, doctors hesitated to perform the operation due to concerns about the necessity of a permanent tracheotomy (which would be difficult to keep clean due to poor sanitary conditions in his home village) as well as the unexpected rapidity of the tumour's regrowth. Novemthree was sent back home mere hours before the original time for the operation[1]. On September 15, 2005, Novemthree died in his sleep, due to a respiratory infection in his chest. The Tzu Chi foundation gave him a proper burial.
Novemthree's story was shared on the Discovery Health Channel in 2005. Viewers were drawn to Novemthree's story because of the severity of the deformity as well as the boy's sweet character. His father Siahaan describes his son as "a kind, wise and clever kid. Whenever he was feeling ill he never once complained to us, he simply took all his suffering on his own.[1]". It was only at the end of the program in a footnote, did viewers learn of Novemthree's passing. A second TV show about Novemthree and his medical condition has been produced and aired, in which his death is also depicted

Saturday, November 22, 2008

{ LOOK WHAT YOU HAVE DONE -- melayan hati yang lara }

...melayan jiwa yang lara...hati yang merajuk...terusik dan tak bisa diubati lagi...
"Look What You've Done"
Take my photo off the wall
If it just won't sing for you
'Cause all that's left has gone away
And there's nothing there for you to prove
Oh, look what you've done
You've made a fool of everyone
Oh well, it seems like such fun
Until you lose what you had won
Give me back my point of view
'Cause I just can't think for you
I can hardly hear you say
What should I do, well you choose
Oh, look what you've done
You've made a fool of everyone
Oh well, it seems like such fun
Until you lose what you had won
Oh, look what you've done
You've made a fool of everyone
A fool of everyone
A fool of everyone
Take my photo off the wall
If it just won't sing for you
'Cause all that's left has gone away
And there's nothing there for you to do
Oh, look what you've done
You've made a fool of everyone
Oh well, it seems like such fun
Until you lose what you had won
Oh, look what you've done
You've made a fool of everyone
A fool of everyone
A fool of everyone

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

{ IT'S BEEN A YEAR... 12-11-07 TO 12-11-08 }

It's been a year since the very first day i joined Flextronics....

Been through ups and downs...

Cared and neglected...

Happy and sad... (not sad.. the correct word is Pissed-Off actually)

Thanks to All... to ALLAH who granted me the rizk... and my ex-boss who gave me the chance to work here...

After 365days... I LOVE MY JOB STILL...!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008


Lately not in a very good mood... mixed emotions... a lot of things happened... happy... sad... anger... pissed off... surprised... etc etc etc... in total... I DON'T FEEL SO GOOD ABOUT MYSELF... AND FEEL VERY VERY VERY BAD ABOUT MY LIFE... if... and only if I could turn back time...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Hi guys, salam you all...

Hari nie aku just nak share perkembangan terbaru Kak Long selepas 15 hari peristiwa dahinya terbelah dek kena tangga umah tok ibu dia... so far through that period ayah dia la yg wat dressing most of the time (sebab aku ngeri). Guna ubat kuning, minyak gamat and dettol cream. Pastu now bila dah boleh buka balutan dia... kitorang sapu Gamar Gel keluaran Healwell (boleh didapati di House of Healin & kiosk-kiosk berhampiran). Mmg so far elok la.. doa aku cuma kulit dia akan cepat pulih seperti biasa tanpa sebarang parut yg nyata..sian anak dara aku...

Monday, November 3, 2008

{ Sunday, Race Day - Massa Wins Race But Hamilton Takes Title In Unbelievable Final Corner }

Lewis Hamilton became Formula One's youngest ever world champion by finishing fifth in an incredibly dramatic rain-affected Brazilian Grand Prix.

Felipe Massa won the race for Ferrari and looked set to take the title until McLaren driver Hamilton slipped past Timo Glock's Toyota and into the crucial fifth place at the final corner of the very last lap.

Fernando Alonso (Renault) and Kimi Raikkonen (Ferrari) completed the podium finishers, ahead of Toro Rosso's Sebastian Vettel, whose penultimate lap pass on Hamilton had looked set to hand Massa the title, only for Glock's gamble of staying on dry tyres in a late race shower to fail, causing the Toyota to slip from fourth to sixth within sight of the flag and giving Hamilton the title after all.

Ferrari still clinched the constructors' title, as the two McLarens only finished fifth and seventh.
The start was delayed by ten minutes after a brief, but heavy, downpour hit Interlagos just before the mechanics were due to clear the grid.

Although the sunshine returned within a few minutes, the first half of the track was left very wet, so the whole field took the start on intermediates.

The top four got away in good order, but there was chaos further back when Nico Rosberg tapped David Coulthard into a spin, with the Red Bull swiping Rosberg's Williams teammate Kazuki Nakajima, bringing Coulthard's final F1 race to a sadly early end. Renault's Nelson Piquet also exited his home race in a separate first lap incident.

The safety car then came out for three laps while Coulthard's car was retrieved, after which Massa edged away at the front as Raikkonen put pressure on front row starter Jarno Trulli (Toyota) for second and Hamilton ran a safe fourth.

His teammate Heikki Kovalainen lost out to both Vettel and Alonso as he tried to protect Hamilton on the first lap, and although he dived back past Alonso at the restart, the McLaren ran wide and lost the place again.

The track rapidly dried out, and by lap 11 everyone was back on slick tyres.
But Hamilton was, along with Raikkonen and Trulli, the last to pit - and his caution proved costly, as he rejoined back in seventh place.

Early stoppers and wet weather specialists Vettel and Alonso had vaulted up to second and third, and would impressively push Massa until their next stops, while Force India's Giancarlo Fisichella had been the first to gamble on dry tyres and emerged in fifth - between Raikkonen and Trulli, who swapped places in the pits.

Hamilton soon passed Trulli when the Italian made an error at the Senna S, but it was not only lap 17 that he was able to overtake Fisichella at the same place and move back into the crucial fifth position.

He then gained another place when Vettel made an early second stop on lap 27 and fell from second to sixth. Although the Toro Rosso briefly reappeared second when others made their final stops, Vettel's own third pit visit dropped him back to fifth behind Hamilton again by the end.

Massa managed to pull out a comfortable gap over Alonso prior to his second stop, with Raikkonen steadily closing on the Renault and Hamilton driving cautiously in fourth.
But then the rain returned with just seven laps remaining, prompting everyone to pit bar the Toyotas, with Glock rising to fourth, ahead of Hamilton and Vettel.

Hamilton still looked set to cling on and take the title, until he ran wide at the final corner when Robert Kubica dived through to unlap himself with just three laps to go. That let Vettel through as well, and suddenly it appeared that the title had slipped away from Hamilton again.
But within sight of the flag his luck changed once more, with Glock losing 17 seconds on the last lap as the rain increased, allowing the McLaren to sweep through and back into fifth place. The Ferrari team had already started celebrating a potential Massa title, but the mood abruptly changed as it became clear that Hamilton had snatched the crown after all.

1. Massa Ferrari (B) 1h34:11:435
2. Alonso Renault (B) + 13.298
3. Raikkonen Ferrari (B) + 16.235
4. Vettel Toro Rosso-Ferrari (B) + 38.011
5. Hamilton McLaren-Mercedes (B) + 38.907
6. Glock Toyota (B) + 44.368
7. Kovalainen McLaren-Mercedes (B) + 55.074
8. Trulli Toyota (B) + 1:08.433
9. Webber Red Bull-Renault (B) + 1:19.666
10. Heidfeld BMW Sauber (B) + 1 lap
11. Kubica BMW Sauber (B) + 1 lap
12. Rosberg Williams-Toyota (B) + 1 lap
13. Button Honda (B) + 1 lap
14. Bourdais Toro Rosso-Ferrari (B) + 1 lap
15. Barrichello Honda (B) + 1 lap
16. Sutil Force India-Ferrari (B) + 2 laps
17. Nakajima Williams-Toyota (B) + 2 laps
18. Fisichella Force India-Ferrari (B) + 2 laps

Fastest lap: Massa, 1:13.376

Not classified/retirements:
Piquet Renault (B)
Coulthard Red Bull-Renault (B)


It was indeed a very emotional end of 2008 F1 Grand Prix. With a really inconvenient time to watch it from Malaysia (the race was at San Paolo, Brazil), I managed to open up my heavy eyes to watch the race from the start till the end (with a merely 10-15 minutes nap in between). Frankly speaking, my hope already gone since Kimi can't never win the 2008 driver championship but because of my passion for F1 and I want to see Felipe Massa wins the race.

The suddened rain before they started the warm-up lap means the drama already begin. David Coulthard, at the very last race of his career failed to start the race after colliding just a few hundreds metres from the starting line. Massa leads the race from the beginning to the end but luck seemed not on his side when for an unknown reason, Glock slowed down and gave the way to Hamilton to pass him from 6th place to 5th place which was also means that he gained just enough point to wint the world championship title.

It was very emotional... A very devastating day not only for Ferrari, but for the whole Brazilian who gave 200% support to their hero. The tears from Felipe were more than enough to tell how frustrated he was... extremely emotional...

What else I can say... just hope for better luck next year for Ferrari....particularly to KIMI RAIKKONEN....

And for Hamilton --- I am sorry, I am not your's just the luck was on your side...

Timo Glock --- LOOK WHAT YOU HAVE DONE...???

David Coulthard --- will be missing you dearly...

2009 FIA Formula One World Championship Race Calendar

26 - 29 Mar
03 - 05 Apr
17 - 19 Apr
08 - 10 May
21 - 24 May
05 - 07 Jun
19 - 21 Jun
26 - 28 Jun
10 - 12 Jul
24 - 26 Jul
21 - 23 Aug
2009 FORMULA 1 ING BELGIAN GRAND PRIX (Spa-Francorchamps)
28 - 30 Aug
11 - 13 Sep
25 - 27 Sep
09 - 11 Oct
16 - 18 Oct
30 Oct - 01 Nov
13 - 15 No

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Mcm agak lama jek tak update blog nie kan? sian jek..sebab aku tgh agak busy menceburkan diri dalam dunia Google Adsense.. so sesiapa yg sudi silakan melayari blog terbaru aku - Tapi jgn risaula, pasal this blog will always keep it alive, sbb nie personal blog aku...untuk release tension, layan perasaan..share suka duka..huhu... maka sendiri mau ingatla...
Aku rasa belum terlewat nak share gambar berbuka puasa kat Sofitel Hotel masa bln puasa hari tu. Aku dah lama nak share, tapi tuan empunya kamera lambat mewar-warkan gambar pada aku, maka lambatlah aku upload...hehe..dia peram dolu agaknya memorycard dia bagi berbisa..hehe...whateverla yer encik Andik.. so, selamat melihat gambar2 buka puasa.. thanks a lot pada my reporting manager (yer.. you are still my Reporting Manager based on Outlook Info wahai Encik Ismail bin Abdullah...) yg membelanja kami-kami semua berbuka puasa kat Sofitel...bkn selalu dapat mkn mcm tu..hehe..and kambing BBQ dia memang hebat...!!! Tahun depan tukar ri Marriot ke..Hyatt ker or Puteri Pacific plak yer...hehe...

Gambar Kenangan MIS Team Flextronics Senai 3 (cuba tgk tgn En. Ismail..hehe)

Aku (kakak sulung), Sani & Andik..makan plaks tu..haha

Aku ngan adik bongsu MIS, Jepon...hehe...dia nie 'Label Manager' tau...jgn memain!

Detik-detik akhir kemesraan En. Ismail dan 'anak bongsu'nya...jgn sedih, Jepon...!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008


What LOVE is all about?

Cinta boleh membuatkan kita bahagia, cinta juga boleh merobek hati! Siapakah PENCINTA HEBAT di Zaman ini? Ina Naim? Lydia Ibtisam dalam IMPIAN ILYANA? PUTERI SARAH LIYANA dan MAWI? Elyana atau OPIE dalam DUNIA BARU? JULIE ZIEGLER dalam KAYANGAN? Apa-apa pun cuba renungkan erti CINTA di bawah!

Jika kita mencintai seseorang, kita akan senantiasa mendo’akannya walaupun dia tidak berada di sisi kita.

Tuhan memberikan kita dua kaki untuk berjalan, dua tangan untuk memegang, dua telinga untuk mendengar dan dua mata untuk melihat. Tetapi mengapa Tuhan hanya menganugerahkan sekeping hati pada kita? Kerana Tuhan telah memberikan sekeping lagi hati pada seseorang untuk kita mencarinya. Itulah Cinta …

Jangan sesekali mengucapkan selamat tinggal jika kamu masih mahu mencuba.

Jangan sesekali menyerah jika kamu masih merasa sanggup.
Jangan sesekali mengatakan kamu tidak mencintainya lagi, jika kamu masih tidak dapat melupakannya.

Cinta datang kepada orang yang masih mempunyai harapan, walaupun mereka telah dikecewakan. Kepada mereka yang masih percaya, walaupun mereka telah dikhianati. Kepada mereka yang masih ingin mencintai, walaupun mereka telah disakiti sebelumnya dan Kepada mereka yang mempunyai keberanian dan keyakinan untuk membangunkan kembali kepercayaan.

Jangan simpan kata-kata cinta pada orang yang tersayang sehingga dia meninggal dunia lantaran akhirnya kamu terpaksa catatkan kata-kata cinta itu pada pusaranya. Sebaliknya ucapkan kata-kata cinta yang tersimpan di benakmu itu sekarang selagi ada hayatnya. INGAT CERITA “LOVE IS CINTA!”

Mungkin Tuhan menginginkan kita bertemu dan bercinta dengan orang yang salah sebelum bertemu dengan orang yang tepat, kita harus mengerti bagaimana berterima kasih atas kurnia tersebut.

Cinta dapat mengubah pahit menjadi manis, debu menjadi emas, keruh menjadi hening, sakit menjadi sembuh, penjara menjadi telaga, derita menjadi nikmat dan kemarahan menjadi rahmat.

Sungguh menyakitkan mencintai seseorang yang tidak mencintaimu, tetapi lebih menyakitkan adalah mencintai seseorang dan kamu tidak pernah memiliki keberanian untuk menyatakan cintamu kepadanya.

Seandainya kamu ingin mencintai atau memiliki hati seorang gadis, ibaratkanlah seperti menyunting sekuntum mawar merah. Kadangkala kamu mencium harum mawar tersebut, tetapi kadangkala kamu terasa bisa duri mawar itu menusuk jari.

Hal yang menyedihkan dalam hidup adalah ketika kamu bertemu seseorang yang sangat berarti bagimu, hanya untuk mengetahui bahawa pada akhirnya menjadi tidak bererti dan kamu harus membiarkannya pergi.

Kadangkala kamu tidak menghargai orang yang mencintai kamu sepenuh hati, sehingga kamu kehilangannya. Pada saat itu, tiada guna penyesalan kerana perginya tanpa berkata lagi.

Cintailah seseorang itu atas dasar siapa dia sekarang dan bukan siapa dia sebelumnya.

Kisah silam tidak perlu diungkit lagi, kiranya kamu benar-benar mencintainya setulus hati.

Hati-hati dengan cinta, kerana cinta juga dapat membuat orang sihat menjadi sakit, orang gemuk menjadi kurus, orang normal menjadi gila, orang kaya menjadi miskin, raja menjadi budak, jika cintanya itu disambut oleh para pecinta PALSU.

Kemungkinan apa yang kamu sayangi atau cintai tersimpan keburukan di dalamnya dan kemungkinan apa yang kamu benci tersimpan kebaikan di dalamnya.

Cinta kepada harta ertinya bakhil, cinta kepada perempuan ertinya alam, cinta kepada diri ertinya bijaksana, cinta kepada mati ertinya hidup dan cinta kepada Tuhan ertinya Takwa.

Lemparkan seorang yang bahagia dalam percintaan ke dalam laut, pasti ia akan membawa seekor ikan. Lemparkan pula seorang yang gagal dalam bercinta ke dalam gudang roti, pasti ia akan mati kelaparan.

Seandainya kamu dapat berbicara dalam semua bahasa manusia dan alam, tetapi tidak mempunyai perasaan cinta dan kasih, dirimu tak ubah seperti gong yang bergaung atau sekedar canang yang gemericing.

Cinta adalah keabadian … dan kenangan adalah hal terindah yang pernah dimiliki. Tetapi jika ianya pahit, lupakanlah segera!!

Siapapun pandai menghayati cinta, tapi tak seorangpun pandai menilai cinta kerana cinta bukanlah suatu objek yang bisa dilihat oleh mata kasar, sebaliknya cinta hanya dapat dirasakan melalui hati dan perasaan.

Cinta mampu melunakkan besi, menghancurkan batu, membangkitkan yang mati dan meniupkan kehidupan padanya serta membuat budak menjadi pemimpin. Inilah dahsyatnya cinta.

Cinta sebenarnya adalah membiarkan orang yang kamu cintai menjadi dirinya sendiri dan tidak mengubahnya menjadi gambaran yang kamu inginkan. Jika tidak, kamu hanya mencintai pantulan diri sendiri yang kamu temui didalam dirinya.

Kamu tidak akan pernah tahu bila kamu akan jatuh cinta. Namun apabila sampai saatnya itu, raihlah dengan kedua tanganmu dan jangan biarkan dia pergi dengan sejuta rasa tanda tanya dihatinya.

Cinta bukanlah kata murah dan lumrah dituturkan dari mulut ke mulut tetapi cinta adalah anugerah Tuhan yang indah dan suci jika manusia dapat menilai kesuciannya.

Bercinta memang mudah, untuk dicintai juga memang mudah. Tapi untuk dicintai oleh orang yang kita cintai itulah yang sukar diperoleh.

Jika saja kehadiran cinta sekedar untuk mengecewakan, lebih baik cinta itu tak pernah hadir.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

{ The Day Kak Long Fell Down :( }

Hi All,

Salam semua... well, it was not a very good weekend for me at all. As usual, I was working on Saturday to support Jupiter (half day only).After that, balik rumah...hsbd aku ajak balik Kota Tinggi. Aku pun tatau kenapa kali nie bila dia ajak balik umah mak dia aku rasa beratgiler babays, and rasa mcm nak mengamuk jek. Maybe it was the sign that something was about to happen to my very darling beautiful daughter named, Nur Anis Suraya.

Thing happened on Sunday afternoon. Nobody at home except the four of us. Kak Long (Anis lah...) masa memula tu main dengan Eiman yg baru bgntidur while aku sambung tidur while Eiman dah bgn. Pastu Eiman masuk bilik nak mintak 'upah' dia (susu la..apa lagik..). Ayah diorang doktgk TV kat ruang tamu, and Kak Long mcm biasala..main sendiri.. berlari ke depan ke belakang.

Kak Long Anis dengan dahi bertampal...

Peristiwa tu berlaku cepat giller...aku dengar bunyi Anis jatuh. Then dia mula menangis. Dia menuju ayah dia la aku rasa, and suddenly lakiaku jerit... 'YA ALLAH ANAK AKU, APA LA KO DAH BUAT NIE..!!' I never thought something serious would happened to her. Ingatkan dia pecahkanbarang apa-apa ker.. or etc etc.. until laki aku panggil aku... berderau dada aku...
Dahi Kak Long berdarah!!! Masa aku tulis nie pun aku masih boleh rasa menggigil lutut aku. Isk..darah meleleh sampai ke hidung..menitis ke baju,ke skirt..and in fact ke lantai... banyak sangat. Berlubang dahi dia... aduhai, anak mama yang sangat cantik tercedera sebegitu rupa :( Hatimana tak rasa sedih, sebak, hancur and how I wish i could transfer all the pain to myself (or laki aku..) Kelam kabut mencari anything untuk ubat,aku capai tuala, basahkan and suh laki aku bersihkan dulu luka tu. Letak minyak gamat yg tinggal secotet, laki aku gi kedai cari ubat kuningand handyplast while aku tekap lukanya sambil dia baring kat pangkuan aku. Dia dah tak menangis. Cuma aku terus bercakap dgn dia agar dia sentiasaconscious. korang pun tahulah kecederaan di kepala, mana boleh main-main.

Wound @ Kak Long's forehead. Pity her, the cut is quite deep...

Kalau bawak gi hospital, gerenti kena jahit. Makin terukla rupa anak dara aku nanti dengan 'lipan' kat dahinya yg putih licin tu...uwaa..!!So, laki aku kata try dulu kat rumah. Aku rasa keberatan sebenarnya...terpaksa follow gak. After dressing etc, Kak Long tidur. Sian dia..and dalam kerisauan aku lega bila tgk lepas dia bangun tidur, aktif dan lasaknya mcm takde apa-apa berlaku.

Hati tetap risau, so aku ajak jugak laki aku gi klinik semalam. So, Isnin (20-10-2008) aku amik emergency leave. Bawak both Kak Long & Eiman gi Klinik.Routine check up and cucuk for Eiman dan rujuk kes Kak Long pada yang lebih pakar. Alhamdulillah, can opt between jahit or not for Kak Long..which meansshe is kinda okay..sebab lukanya yang berlekuk dan berlubang tu bersih tanpa nanah (no infection) and lukanya dah bercantum semula (cannot imagined kalu stillternganga... arhh..tidak..!!) And Kak long dibekalkan dengan antibiotik utk elak infection dan ubat2. So happy she is OK. Dan so strong,sebab takde sekalipun dia menangis time ayahnya or aku bersihkan lukanya. Bukan senang nak dapat budak umur 3thn lebih that strong tau.Dan selera makannya pun mcm biasa.. begitu juga lasaknya...

sakit-sakit pun boleh posing lagik..sabar jelah aku..!!

Aku doakan dia sejahtera selalu. Aku akan usaha cari penawar terbaik untuk kesan parutnya nanti. Moga dia akan kembali seperti biasa,si cantik manis without any scars... Kak Long, Mama sayang sangat Kak Long... jangan notty-notty tau...!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

{ MY FIVERS - part 2 }

Today I am so bored in the office. My work is partially done and before I proceed with my personal work report, I am going to continue with the Part 2 of My Fivers. Hehe...

5 Things I Wanna Do Before I Die

1- Make sure my IBADAH is sufficient
2- Educate my kids to the highest level possible
3- Clear my debts so I will die peacefully and leave people without any revenge to me & family
4- Visit every places I am dying to go
5- Say Sorry To Everybody

5 Most Admirable Sportspersons

1- Datuk Nicol Ann David - successful Malaysian athletics who gained my full respect :)
2- Kimi Raikkonen - been admiring him since I becoming an F1 Fan because he was so young on that time yet successful, pity him as luck not always on her side...but he always wins my 100% support!!!

3- David Beckham - during his good old days... (sigh!)

4- Michael Schumacher - although he can be so annoying, but he annoyed me in a good way by becoming 7 times world championship.

5- Nurulhuda Abdullah - she was the greatest ever Malaysian swimmer who I used to follow her news and events when I was in the primary school.

My 5 Favourites Cooking Utilities @ Home

1 - My Non-Stick Tefal Frying Pan - which my hsbd always used with sudip besi...arrggghhh!!! I told him not to use that but he won't listen!
2- My Tefal Electric 3-Tier Steamer - because I always like steamed fish & steamed food good for health also.
3- My Kenwood Food Processor - which I never used yet.
4- My Clay Pie/Lasagne Bowl
5- My GBP2 Knife Set of 6 - been serving me for 8 years but still looking new

Enough for now I guessed... Need to continue my work before 'zoom' home for Sinopec F1 Qualifying @ CH813, 1.57PM... yeaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy....!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

{ My FIVERS - part 1}

Just for fun to get rid of my boring lunch-less lunch hour... so I came out of this post called My FIVERS. I will list 5 things I love, I hate, I wish, I loath, I want, I admire bla bla bla... absolutely whatever come across my mind.

So, Part ONE guys...!!!

5 Places I Wannabe
1. Manchester, United Kingdom - it's been more than 5 years since I left UK for good. Wish I was there...
2. Monte Carlo, Monaco - somewhere I wish I could visit (and settle down only if I was a billionaire)
3. Pangkor Laut - chill out and have a long luxury breakaway...
4. New Zealand - I've been dreaming to visit New Zealand for so long...
5. Aberdeen, Scotland - secluded and cool (cold as well..haha!)

5 Western Foods I Can Never Resists
1. British Fish & Chips - oily, fatty yet so tasty!! with excess vinegar and mashed green peas as a sideline.
2. Lasagne - the one I love is the one I cooked myself.
3. Chicken Kievs - the one I always had in Barnes Wallis
4. Steaks - San Francisco Steakhouse is the best, not to mention the price to pay..hehe..
5. Chicken Pies with loads of gravy and again..mashed peas

5 Favourite Programmes in Astro
1. Formula 1 GrandPrix (live) at Channel 813 - go Kimi go..!!
2. CSI Miami - The only CSI I loved...Horatio is very cool! Calleigh & Boavista are gorgeous!!
3. Prison Breaks - also in 8TV when the season comes
4. Man Vs Wild - Bear Grylls is so cool
5. The Amazing Race Asia - best of luck, Malaysian Team!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Tetiba hati aku rasa terpanggil untuk introduce satu segment baru dalam blog aku nie. Hehe.. segment yang aku nak introduce kali ini adalah My Testimonial. Tujuannya adalah untuk berkongsi dengan semua yang sudi menjengah blog aku nie tentang what do I think as a consumer pada barang-barang harian yang aku guna. Tak kiralah apa juga barang..benda-benda ker.. makanan ker.. etc etc... Hope it will be useful. Jgn risaula.. aku bukannya jenis suka nak kondem-kondem nie.. and aku bkn juga jenis kaki kritik tahap tak ingatnyer...tak macam sesetengah manusia tu. I will try to be as honest as possible okay...

Okeyla... as a beginning... aku nak share ngan korang pasal pandangan aku kepada Susu Anlene Concentrate yang sedang hangat diiklankan di kaca tv mupun suratkhabar etc etc. Memang cukup teruja tengok iklan Datuk Michelle Yeoh berkungfu sakan... some more aku mmg minum Anlene juga dulu so the status ditekak aku mmg kiranya powerlah... so, I expect the same for the new product as well.

Aku beli Susu Anlene Concentrate kat kedai near to my house. Kotak kecil comel, packed of four. memang menawan and compact. Until I tasted it.... yuuuurrrccckkkssss...!!! It is really beyond my imagination as a forever milk fan... not in a a good way... I don't think it suits me at all. The milk was thick.. I mean. PEKAT and the taste was bad... too sweet and the vanilla flavour is beyond the limit where I can accept... tolonglah... I can't take it...

Maybe juga aku bukan jenis suka menda manis... tapi tataulah... my verdict - 1/10. Sorry guys...!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Huhu..dah lama tak post pasal masak-masak yer...okay, this time I would love to share the meal I cooked lat Sunday, after 4 days of Raya & post-Raya meals. Tekak aku mmg dari hari tu terasa-rasa nak makan Siakap 3 Rasa yg resipinya aku dapat dari cik Yanie kiter.. hehe.. aku olah sket resipi yg dia bagi since ada bahan yg takde kat rumah. Maka jadilah resipi Siakap 3 Rasa versi Norafesa.....



1 ekor Ikan Siakap - size depend on berapa perut nk mkn, bersihkan (ni tugas tetap laki aku pasal aku mmg kureng reti menyiang ikan besau-besau nie)
Tepung Jagung
Cili Kering - dikisar, skang byk jual cili kering dah siap blen kat kedai. mudah & save masa
Bwg Besar - potong wedges bg cantik
Bwg Putih - racik halus
Sos Cili
Sos Tomato
Sos Tiram
Sos Ikan / Nampla
Lada Benggala (lada biasa pun boleh, potong kasar)
Nenas dalam tin - kiubkan
Cili api - lagi banyak lagi best, potong kasar
Garam & Gula
Daun sup for garnishing

Tumis cili kering, bawang besar, bawang putih. Bila dah naik bau, masukkan segala jenis sos. Tambahkan air sket bagi ada kuah. Then masukkan nenas, lada, cili api. Tambahkan gula dan garam.

Untuk ikannya plaks - lumurkan dengan tepung jagung dan garam. Pastu goreng sampai rangup dalam minyak banyak. Toskan minyak, hidang dlm pinggan panjang dan curahkan sos yang dimasakkan tadi. Pastu hiaskanlah dengan daun sup dan bawang goreng.

Memang yummy dimakan dengan kailan ikan masin & tomyam. Tapi sebab anak dara aku demam time tu, tomyam ditukarkan kepada sup ayam. Hehehe... korang nak jugak ke resipi sup ayam dengan kailan ikan masin? Tak payahlah kan..sebab senang sangat.. so aku sedekahkan gambor je la ekk... selamat melelehkan air liur... huhuh... :)


Hari Raya... bagi aku dah lama meaningless... selain dari meraikan kemenangan setelah sebulan berpuasa, other things are totally nothing. Walaupun kadang-kadang kenangan lama ketika beraya di UK menggamit kenangan... (my good old days), hati menjadi rindu... ewahhh...!! Bagi aku, raya skang more untuk anak-anak jek. Seronok melihat mereka berbaju baru, seronok melihat keletah diorang meratah makanan yg serba enak, seronok melihat mereka girang mengutip duit raya...dan aku pun seronok menyimpan duit diorang untuk bekalan masa depan. I don't believe in spending duit raya for beli brg emas, beli toys etc. Mungkin aku dah dididik oleh mak aku sejak kecil lagi, setiap duit raya aku serahkan pada dia dan dia akan simpan dalam akaun BSN aku (on that time larrr...) And proudly to say, itulah wang tambahan poket aku ketika aku study kat UK dulu... and aku nak Kak Long & Eiman turut merasakan betapa seronoknya bila tgk duit dalam bank banyak dan they won't have any financial problem tatkala mereka menuntut ilmu kelak...

Aku nak share gambar-gambar anak aku during raya. Hehe.. gambar aku ngan laki aku x de yerk..zaman posing maut dah lama berakhir dlm hidup aku (kecuali klu aku berjaya turunkan berat badan aku ke 60kg then aku akan suka posing balikla yerk..hekhekhek...)

Monday, October 6, 2008


...Huhu.. Part Two....
Rasanya korang semua pun tau, pada zaman sains dan teknologi ini, beban kerja Pos Malaysia jauh lebih rendah dari 10 tahun dulu, kalau dulu berebut-rebut nak gi pos opis untuk send kad raya pasal takut tak sempat tiba..skang semuanya via e-card atau sms pun jadi, kerana mesej yg paling penting adalah Ingatan Tulus Ikhlas. Zaman dah berubah, semua memilih jalan yang simple dan murah... kalau nak tau, tahun nie personally aku cuma dapat 2 keping kad raya dari Ayie, kawan baik aku dunia akhirat dan juga Aidahani, my ex-schoolmate yang aku cukup respect dia punya initiative mengkeepintouchkan diri dengan semua rakan dan taulan... wa salute lu, Aida...!!!

Yang aku nak story kat sini is the card that was arrived on the 30th September 2008. Rasanya, this is the only card yang laki aku dapat tahun nie (unless ada yg bagi by hand or alamat kampung dia la...) Anis yang collect dari peti surat dan serah pada aku. Dialamatkan kepada suami aku, dengan dakwat hitam..tulisan tak secantik tulisan aku.. (pigiii dah ko Eca...!!!), so aku terus suh Anis bagi pada ayahnya... dlm hati aku dup dap dup dap... awek manakah yang hantaq kad raya kat laki aku.. wakakakakar... just joking, frankly speaking aku tak kisah sangat pun. And aku tinggalkan dia nak jiwang karat ngan kad tu while aku naik ke bilik nak kemas beg untuk balik raya kat rumah mertua...

Suddenly dia jerit dari bawah... suh aku turun... dari tangga dia dah tanya aku..cuba teka saper bagi kad raya. Aku cakaplah aku tatau... I can't think of anyone except one... huhuhu.. ingatkan kot-kot bos lama dia si Azam Zaman kat Putrajaya ker.. pasal aku nampak stem tu cop KL. Dia terus hulur kat aku kad tu dengan keadaan terbuka... HUUAAAA....!!!! Kad raya dari Datuk Seri Dr Anwar Ibrahim & Family...!!!! Macam tak percaya beb... giler per.. masa memula tuh aku memang macam tak percaya jugak la... yo-yo jek...rupanya laki aku join club DSAI... and ktorang pastu sama-sama dok mengkaji signature pada kad raya tu, definitely genuine one... yela..selalukan kalau kad banyak-banyak nie diorang print jek..tapi this card, memang ditandatangani dengan dakwat hitam atas kad tu...which is for us, something very valuable and menunjukkan betapa beliau ikhlas dalam menghantarkan kad ucapan tersebut... bukanlah maksud aku org yg print guna komputer tu tak ikhlas.. tapi, korang faham kot apa yg aku rasa kalau ko dapat apa yang kitorang dapat nie..

Aku snap gambo nie guna camera phone jek, belum mampu lagi nak beli digital camera lagi selepas yg jahanam hari, aku nak share dengan korang yerk... :) Cayalah DSAI...!!!