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Saturday, October 18, 2008

{ MY FIVERS - part 2 }

Today I am so bored in the office. My work is partially done and before I proceed with my personal work report, I am going to continue with the Part 2 of My Fivers. Hehe...

5 Things I Wanna Do Before I Die

1- Make sure my IBADAH is sufficient
2- Educate my kids to the highest level possible
3- Clear my debts so I will die peacefully and leave people without any revenge to me & family
4- Visit every places I am dying to go
5- Say Sorry To Everybody

5 Most Admirable Sportspersons

1- Datuk Nicol Ann David - successful Malaysian athletics who gained my full respect :)
2- Kimi Raikkonen - been admiring him since I becoming an F1 Fan because he was so young on that time yet successful, pity him as luck not always on her side...but he always wins my 100% support!!!

3- David Beckham - during his good old days... (sigh!)

4- Michael Schumacher - although he can be so annoying, but he annoyed me in a good way by becoming 7 times world championship.

5- Nurulhuda Abdullah - she was the greatest ever Malaysian swimmer who I used to follow her news and events when I was in the primary school.

My 5 Favourites Cooking Utilities @ Home

1 - My Non-Stick Tefal Frying Pan - which my hsbd always used with sudip besi...arrggghhh!!! I told him not to use that but he won't listen!
2- My Tefal Electric 3-Tier Steamer - because I always like steamed fish & steamed food good for health also.
3- My Kenwood Food Processor - which I never used yet.
4- My Clay Pie/Lasagne Bowl
5- My GBP2 Knife Set of 6 - been serving me for 8 years but still looking new

Enough for now I guessed... Need to continue my work before 'zoom' home for Sinopec F1 Qualifying @ CH813, 1.57PM... yeaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy....!!!

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