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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

{ My FIVERS - part 1}

Just for fun to get rid of my boring lunch-less lunch hour... so I came out of this post called My FIVERS. I will list 5 things I love, I hate, I wish, I loath, I want, I admire bla bla bla... absolutely whatever come across my mind.

So, Part ONE guys...!!!

5 Places I Wannabe
1. Manchester, United Kingdom - it's been more than 5 years since I left UK for good. Wish I was there...
2. Monte Carlo, Monaco - somewhere I wish I could visit (and settle down only if I was a billionaire)
3. Pangkor Laut - chill out and have a long luxury breakaway...
4. New Zealand - I've been dreaming to visit New Zealand for so long...
5. Aberdeen, Scotland - secluded and cool (cold as well..haha!)

5 Western Foods I Can Never Resists
1. British Fish & Chips - oily, fatty yet so tasty!! with excess vinegar and mashed green peas as a sideline.
2. Lasagne - the one I love is the one I cooked myself.
3. Chicken Kievs - the one I always had in Barnes Wallis
4. Steaks - San Francisco Steakhouse is the best, not to mention the price to pay..hehe..
5. Chicken Pies with loads of gravy and again..mashed peas

5 Favourite Programmes in Astro
1. Formula 1 GrandPrix (live) at Channel 813 - go Kimi go..!!
2. CSI Miami - The only CSI I loved...Horatio is very cool! Calleigh & Boavista are gorgeous!!
3. Prison Breaks - also in 8TV when the season comes
4. Man Vs Wild - Bear Grylls is so cool
5. The Amazing Race Asia - best of luck, Malaysian Team!

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