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Friday, May 31, 2013


Dear Readers,

This time round, I will share the benefits of Nutri-Rich Oil from Nutrimetics in English. With this, I hope I can attract more readers to try it. I am sincerely fall in love with it and want you guys out there to try. There will be no regret! Trust me :-)

Nutrimetics's Nutri-Rich Oil is 44 years old and remains the crown jewel of this brand. If you must-have one product from this brand, this is it. 

It is a highly-concentrated blend of oil extracted from specially selected apricot kernels and vitamin E, blended together to intensively nourish and nurture the skin.

Key ingredients include:
Apricot Kernel Oil - to smoothen, hydrate and protect the skin
Vitamin E - to heal, tone and restore skin's cellular structure
Carrot Oil - to soften and protect the skin

Apricot kernel oil is the foundation ingredient in both Nutri-Rich Oil and Nutri-Rich Oil EL (Extra light) and while it comes from a large family of vegetable derived oils, Apricot Kernel oil is in a class of its own. This is because the level of fatty acids found in Apricot Kernel Oil is very similar to those found in the skin, so its ability to promote and retain suppleness and elasticity is far superior to other oils. It is also very high in anti-aging Vitamins A & E, which protect the skin and promote cell regeneration, key factors for retaining smooth youthful-looking skin.

It was originally made to be used as a night crème. Its concentrated formula softens the skin while minimizing lines and wrinkles and fading scars. However, it can be used for many other purposes:

Cradle Cap, Hot Oil treatment for hair
Repairs split ends/fly away hair.
Psoriasis of the scalp
Promotes healthy hair growth (With weekly oil massage into scalp)

Cold sores. Cracked Lips
Concentrated Night Crème
Excellent for Mature skin
Heals sunburn and Windburn
Excellent for skiers as a Wind block

Promotes Nail Growth
Repairs cracked Skin
Repairs rough Dry Hands
(For intensive moisturizing rub Nutri-rich oil onto hands and cover with gloves for half an hour or overnight)

Repairs cracked Heels. (For intensive moisturizing, rub into heels before bed
& put on some socks.)
Helps heal Tinea.

Heals most Dermatitis & Eczema
Heals scars & dry Skin 
Stops Dry Itchy rashes
Helps Heals Stretch Marks
Heals Nappy–Rash
Heals Burns (scars)
Heals Warts (not planters)
Heals stop itching of Mosquito
Heals Mosquito bites/Sand-fly bites plus acts as a Mozzie repellent
Dry, scaly elbows, knees and feet
Heals Sore/Cracked Nipples
Heals and soothes haemorrhoids

28 Reasons why we Nutri-Rich Oil

1. Night Crème Treatment, especially good for dry skins types
2. Cuticle Crème. Vitamin E to promote strong growth in fingernails.
3. Aids in healing dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema.
4. Great moisturizer for heals, knees and elbows.
5. Great for dry cracked hands. Massage into hands and apply “Glad Wrap” to heat up the oil (or massage into hands, pop on rubber gloves and do the washing-up!)
6. For Babies & Children-healing& prevention of “cradle-cap” & Nappy Rash. Protecting chin and cheek rash on young babies
7. For dry and cracked nipples when breastfeeding 
8. Aids in preventing stretch marks in pregnancy
9. Healing blisters & Sunburn
10. Dry chapped lips.
11. Non-petroleum Lip Gloss
12. Healing ‘Cold Sores’, ‘Chicken-Pox’ Scars, tinea
13. Healing Heat Rash
14. Healing Scars
15. Healing burns at dry stage
16. Healing grazes
17. Help prevent windburn
18. Quick healing after body piercing
19. Hot oil treatment for hair/Scalp-especially for Split Ends & dandruff
20. Styling Gel/Hair Wax
21. Heated Oil Brush Massage Treatment
22. Bath Oil
23. Rub on tired, aching feet
24. Shaving Rash-Soothing on bikini line or eyebrows after waxing. For men with shaving rash.
25. As a massage oil
26. For healing chapped noses
27. Any other Cracks or wrinkles
28. Also great for use in “romantic” situations (……hmmm)

*Claims are made by loyal users, may not be applicable for all users. Individual results may vary.

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