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Friday, May 31, 2013


Wondering what is the trend now?
I found this from Babycenter and perhaps it is going to be useful if you are expecting whether you want to follow the trend or trying out something unique :-)

These are the top 10 baby names in Malaysia for the year 2012. If you are looking for more (top 25), please visit the link above.

1. Mohamed (no surprise, most boys/men have Mohamed as a part of their names)
2. Ahmad
3. Adam
4. Rayyan
5. Daniel
6. Danish
7. Haziq
8. Iman
9. Zikri
10. Irfan

1. Nor (yes... the spelling may be different; Nor, Nur, Noor, means light and most girls/ladies have Nor in their name including me!)
2. Zara
3. Sophia
4. Aishah
5. Alicia
6. Alya
7. Hannah
8. Iman
9. Damia
10. Arissa

Best of luck in hunting the best name for your baby! The most important thing in giving name to your son or daughter is the name must bring good meaning. This is because everytime you call him/her, you are giving them prayer or du'a. Just imagine is the name given means something bad and you keep calling them everyday, that is totally not good.

I hope I have shared something useful to you guys today. Wassalam...

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