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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

ME & CHEESE... (or cheese & me ??)

I dunno how and when I started to love cheese, but the first cheese I had definitely was the sliced cheese yang biasa makan dengan roti or burger tu. Kraft, Chesdale and whatever the name is... masa tu bila makan cheese feeling western giler dan macam makanan orang kaya lar kononnya :-p

Basically cheese was made from milk... there are hundreds type of cheese around the globe... mainly made from cow, goat or buffalo milk. Mungkin ada dari milk-milk yang lain but as far as I know and remembered... cow and goat cheese je aku berani telan...

You know how much I loved cheese?
To the moon and back!

Give me any type of cheese... sometimes the greeny 'basi'-looked cheese may looks disgusting to some people but for me... that's so inviting!

As the time goes by, and after I flew to UK where you can find cheese anywhere with cheaper price and wide variety and I am spoiled with the choice... my love for cheese grew deeper and deeper and deeper.

I was no longer stuck to Cheddar, Mozzarella and Parmesan...but I have become more adventurous and tried something that hardly found in Malaysia stores!

Sometimes I didn't even know what is the name of the cheese but because of the lovely taste, smell and texture...then I try lah!

These are the cheese that I have tried loved most!

1. Cheddar Cheese
2. Mozzarella Cheese
3. Parmesan Cheese
4. Feta Cheese
5. Gouda Cheese
6. Camembert Cheese
7. Brie Cheese
8. Goat's Cheese
9. Gruyere Cheese
10. Babybel Cheese
and many more!

You may need to eat cheese with pasta, sandwich or anything like crackers...but some types of cheese, you may eat them on their own!

This is Brie Cheese. Made from Cow's milk...very soft with some 'candle' taste outside... actually, I tried it in Delifrance Sogo during my early relationship with my-then-boyfriend-now-husband. Sedapppp.... memula tu makan dgn Croissant...but in the end, masa aku dah pindah UK dok sorang-sorang...I can baham this cheese like that...hahaha...

Sounds crazy?

Yes I am Mad About Cheese...!!!!

This is Camembert Cheese. Rupa sama je mcm Brie Cheese. But the taste is slightly different. Brie Cheese is softer.

Tapi...dua-dua aku suka...!!!!!

OKlahhh... story pasal cheese...
I can't live without cheese...

Skang nie kat Giant tgh murah Emborg Pizza Topping... RM7.99 jek...

Puas aku makan cheese omelette...


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