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Thursday, January 28, 2010


Almost 1 week, I didn't update my blog... yup, I am kinda busy & extremely stressful because my jobhunting still came out with nothing.. memang ada yang respon 'gitu-gitu' but obviously that is not enough to secure me a position except make my heart even more broken since it looked like there's hope..but it is actually nothing... stressnya... stressnya... macam semua benda tak menjadi... rasa mcm nak marah jek... rasa mcm tak tau nak buat apa... the only penawar yang ada.. tidur dan peluk Iris kuat-kuat..

By the way, I have launched a new blog... so, I hereby invite all of you to drop by my new Cherries Box... especially to those who are currently experiencing a weight problem... there is a solution over, jom tengok2 kat Slim-With-Me kalau kot-kot berminat, do not hesitate to give ma a shout ok..

Mcmana aku nak cari duit untuk tampung duit poket aku ek..??? Hmmm...

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