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Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Salam Ramadhan semua... huhu.. finally I can't take it anymore... I need break today... normally lunch hour pun I need to do my job... until I thought... why should I do that? Because, regardless how diligent am I... I still have to wait till 6pm to go home...!!! Yup.. Ramadhan is pretty exhausting and challenging month for me...

Well, anyway.. I already back to work on the 1st puasa... while others (mostl company/organization in Johor) were on Public Holiday. Well.. my eyes not 100% recovered but yeah.. a lot more better than my 'blind' time... at least now I know how blind people feel... and I became more appreciate to Allah's gift...

Weekend before Ramadhan menjelang, I went back to Muar... paid a visit to my beloved mom, adik2 and relatives... it was great because Nana ikut sekali... so I brought Eiman as well... pity Kak Long kena tinggal lagi but nak buat mcmana kan... cut cost tu satu hal la.. some more she had an activity organised by PASTI. So, Anis and ayah attended the activity 'peace-of-min'..takdelah kecoh with me and adik2 nya... It was a great weekend... because kenduri surau was held on that day.... and as always, kenduri ni juga dikenali sbg kenduri ambang.. because penduduk kampung will bring nasi ambang and after kenduri they'll change the remainings and hantar ke rumah-rumah yang menyumbangkan nasi ambang. This is known as 'berkat'.

Mak also contributed nasi ambang for the kenduri... as usual.. mmg mewah dan untung sapa yg dapat berkat nasi ambang keluarga kami... ngehehehe... feel free to see the photo below:

Furgggkkhhsssssssssss meleleh air liur den dibueknya... lauk-pauk yang mak masak... memang semua peberet aku... sedapnya...dahla tgh puasa nie...huhuhu... lauk-lauk mak masak saaangaaatt sedap... ada ayam kurma, daging rendang, serunding (eh..i got some in my fridge la..lupa plaks..huhu), sambal goreng, ikan bulu ayam, mee goreng... mak said.. all cost around RM200+ tu prepare the dishes. Which was not surprising since nowadays everything is expensive.. am I right..??
Well... the only thing i didn't managed to get during this balik kampung time was Mee Bandung Muar yg sangat famous itu.... went passed the shop but full with people and the major constraint was parking.. so we decided to go to bus station ... and I had a nice plate of Nasi Beringin... I never found this nasi anywhere else except here... and it was sooo nice... :-)
So I think that's all for now... I am so mengantuk and need a quick nap before my boss come back from lunch.... daaaa........

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