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Tuesday, August 26, 2008


This info found in extdk forum board. thanks 4 the useful info...!!!

Challenges for nursing moms
#Hunger pangs!
#Dizziness and Fatigue
#Low milk supply

Tips for nursing moms

#Do not skip sahur!

#Focus on quality NOT quantity. Its all about taking the right food to get the required nutrients

#Drink sufficient fluids. Avoid caffeine,soft drinks, tea. Caffeine will drain you off valuable minerals needed to sustain the fasting body during the day. It will also make baby irritable and wakeful

#Eat enough carbohydrate foods-especially those rich in fibre.These foods provide the body with energy. They are rich in B vitamins, and are an excellent source of fibre. Hi-fibre foods also fill you up more than low-fibre counterparts. Foods high in fibre include brown rice, wholegrains, fresh fruit and raw veggies

#Remember your fruits and vegetables: Fruit and vegetables add colour and variety to the menu. They are "protective" foods as they help the body fight off sickness and disease. They are also rich sources of a variety of vitamins, minerals, and fibre, and are low in calories.

#Take supplements if need be

#Maintain daily pumping session

#Feed or Pump more at night-Pump at night before going to bed or while feeding your baby-Pump in the morning before sahur (while your milk is in abundance). If baby is feeding from you then FEED and PUMP at the same time-Best to drink fluids before a pumping session

#Apply relaxation techniques as much as possible during a feeding or pumping session
- If you’re stuck in a traffic jam, make sure you have a bottle of water and some food (eg. dates) to break your fast with
-Try to stock up more now in preparation for ramadhan
-Take milk boosters

And finally, pray and make doa that Allah will help you through….InsyaAllah you will prevail! Good luck and all the best!With the good nutritional practices advocated here, we hope you will maintain a healthy mind and body throughout this puasa season.

Source : 'How to fast healthily during Ramadan'

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