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Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Story From Office

I always try to keep it as a privacy... I don't want people to know... until they come to know it naturally... or they ask me nicely... because for me, there is nothing different whether you are from UKM, USM, Universitas Gajahmada, IMU, Univerity Al-Azhar, Oxford, Cambridge, Yale... bla bla bla.. and some more I don't like it when people said you are berlagak or something when you talking the truth... but I think it worth keep it as a secret until people find it out..

It happened to me on Friday... I went for lunch with my dear colleagues in conjunction with Loh's last day in Venture... we went to Yew's Cafe in Perling... and I was tongtong Lincoln's shiny white MyVi together with Siti Aminah, Ya Huey and Leng Sie... we were talking to each other until one of them, I think Leng Sie kot... asked me... "Nora, your English is far too good from all of us.. where are u graduated from?" Alamak... actually I didn't expect my officemate will ask me such question... because I never been closed to anyone of them.. and most of my time I am alone..doing my job and joined the meeting, discussions etc as and when required... I was like... what should I say? ....Siti is in my Facebook, so I said... "Refer to my Facebook... hehehe" ...but at last I told them la the truth.... but I felt like... the way they treat me is different almost immediately after that... which means.. IT really makes a different... but be honestla... jangan pulak make up a story kan... because regardless of what..the truth will finally reveals..... *wink!*

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