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Friday, April 15, 2011

Food Review ~ Char Kuey Teow Bandar Putra

I am a devoted eater... I love to eat... I am not so fussy woman and you can tell it from my size... ha ha ha... I have been living in Bandar Putra for 4 years+ now but I didn't realised or knew that I can get a delicious kerang-ful plate of hot-fresh-from-wok Char Kuey Teow here.... and to my surprise they serve it for breakfast OK...!!! I got to know about this during Kak Long registration day at Sekolah Agama Bandar Putra. It is the nearest breakfast point from her school...

For me this is just perfect ~ with a handful of kerang and taugeh, the cili jeruk and kuah... it was simply awesome...!!!

It just their service often made me upset ~ lembab, lemau dan lemban.... so, I will only go there when I am not in hurry, or else ada yang hangin satu badan...!!!

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