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Monday, October 18, 2010


Yes...!!! was a real fun in the sun..although it is not that sunny as one can imagine... Well, it was a great weekend... although at first I thought the plan will be cancelled due to heavy rain, but alhamdulillah... rezeki Eiman and all of us... we finally there... :-)

The original plan by Mr Husband was to go to Desaru,with one intention - to soak Eiman in the salt water due to her skin infection that he suffered for almost 5months now...pity him... :( at the same time that was a precious time we finally had for spend together as a family... I was strongly disagreed with Desaru plan because of the strong wind and rough wave... totally not safe for kids and adult as well... I personally had a bad experience during my first ever visit to Desaru when I was 4-5 years old. I almost drowned when the wave was like pulling me... luckily Abah was there to save me... yeah... a trip to seaside always remind me to Allahyarham Abah because he loved to bring us to beach for holiday... name it Port Dickson (we went there almost every year during my childhood years), Sepang, Desaru, Tanjung Bidara... and maybe a few more I hardly remember... and until today I still missed that moment when we had a 'real' picnic with Mak cooked her signature Nasi Lemak.. sandwich etc... how I wish I could organised such getaway with my kids...

So, finally Mr Husband brought all of us to Tanjung Balau. It was my first time... and the place was really not too bad... although the washroom was dirty, smelly, yucky and disgusting... the beach was great... kids enjoyed their first time trip to beach... the most excited person was little Arissa... she was like out of her mind... wriggling in my arm ...crawling in the water, playing with the sand...and it was great to see such an extra-ordinary joy and happiness from my kiddos eyes :-)

Kak Long & Eiman enjoyed their wet moments :-)

Mr Husband spent most of the time with Eiman (he is the reason we were here)... bathe him with the seawater...scrubbed him with the mud and sand... while myself busy taking care of little Arissa & Kak Long... Oklah..tatau nak tulis apa... enjoy the photo...hehe...

Eiman 'mandi lumpur' by his Ayah while Arissa looked at him dgn penuh geram...

Anis pun sibuk nak mandi lumpur...kasi can la... little Arissa stil geram with her big bro

Father love...hikhik...Eiman kegelian...kekekekeke.....

Eiman received his First Class Treatment by Mr Husband :-)

Arissa enjoyed her moments... splish-splash... pedih2 ata tapi tak kira... enjoy sakan!

My Beloved Trios - Kak Long, Eiman & Arissa

My Beloved Family ~ Mr Husband, Kak Long, Eiman & Adik...

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