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Wednesday, October 20, 2010


1. I am the one who has so many dreams that not yet comes true.

2. I used to be a 'lurus bendul' person although I may looked a bit grunge and scary to people, but I learn from mistakes... and now it's not easy to fool me again!

3. I am a straight to the point people regardless who you are... I don't believe in 'talk behind' or keep things inside as it will make you die fast!

4. I am not so friendly people.. in fact I don't really good in making new friends but I valued and appreciates my old friends.... 'you' know who you are :-)

5. I believe on delegation more than 'we do it together' or 'we share this, we share that'...

6. I am trying hard to find enough money for saving and shopping..hehehe...

7. I am a food lover...

8. I love business but until now I still can't find what is the best for me... or perhaps I am still short of capital investment (a.k.a modal...huhu)

9. I found sleep is a good therapy to forget any problem I am facing, but it can turn to be a nightmare when the face that I hate or the root cause of the problem interrupting my sweet dream...

10. I have been ignoring myself, my life... to fulfill people needs.. I just realised that... and it hurts when they hardly appreciate what I have been through and done for them... so from now on, I will start to love myself again, to be myself again... you go girl..!!!

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