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Monday, September 6, 2010


When I first joined Facebook like 1 and half years ago... I didn't have any specific reason except to keep in touch with my fellow old friends... until I started to run my online business on part time basis, I begin to get know a lot of people out there particularly working women, housewives and mommies just like me... we started to share info using Tags and Share... which I found helpful, entertaining and informative while a great way to share experience with others ...

I was never ever been a loyal blog reader nor a follower until recently, when i started to feel working in front of the PC almost 9-10 hours a day become tiring and boring... so I started blogwalking, crawling, hopping or whatever you want to name it... as well as by followng the link been shared at Facebook... and now I become addicted to read people blogs... although most of them I didn't know personally... but who cares... reading their experience, the happiness they had, the sadness their suffer and the pain they went through really made me drown into a 'real life drama' ... the true story being revealed by the person him/herself... something they might not be able to express in w.o.m... but through writings... and some of them really makes me cry... particularly when reading about babies, kids, children... huhu.. naluri keibuankah itu..?? Atau sekadar emosi mengada-ngada..?? Hanya aku yang tahu...!!!

If people thought that writing in the blog is a 'menjaja cerita' kind of things... meh sini aku bagi penampaq jepun kat hang...!!! In my opinion, as long as we didn't kutuk somebody clearly.. we didn't have intention to ask for people sympathy or menagih perhatian... then who cares? For me.. writing is a soul therapy... people will never ever understand what we been through in life... and tak semua benda kita boleh cerita pada orang name it your family or even your lifetime partner... so, let it be our own space... to express ourselves, to share our happiness and sorrow... you like it.. you read it... you don't like it then don't read...!!!

And now... I already have a few blogs I constantly follow... so after this I will update my link so I will be kept updated by their new post... blog paling sedih aku baca so far is blog Doa buat Alanna which I got from Facebook share link... and then I got link to and much link eh... these all blogs shares their journey through dugaan Allah kepada anak mereka.. huhu... I don't want to make any preview here.. u want to know, pls feel free to go there...

People go through different things in life... some people are so lucky to have a next-to-perfect life (I don't want to say Perfect life because nothing is perfect) while others a suffering from various problems let me say it Dugaan Dari ALLAH Yang Maha Esa... and the trials from Allah also comes in different way... maybe directly to us or indirectly e.g. anak sakit, suami cacat, keluarga susah... etc etc... and by reading their blog, it triggers my emotional side... in a way that only myself knows... As a human, kita sering diduga... Allah sentiasa menduga hamba-hambaNya... aku juga sering diduga... hingga ada detiknya aku rasa like... tak boleh bernafas okay, cuma dugaan kita berbeza... opposite way indeed...

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